Tips for Sellers

October 8, 2019

Prepare the home for listing and for the buyer’s home inspection to avoid unwanted delays! Here are some helpful things that should be done right away:
1. Clean out gutters. Make sure all downspouts drain water away from the home.
2. Cut tree limbs/bushes 24” away from the home.
3. Replace any rotten wood on the exterior.
4. Repair any active plumbing leaks.
5. Repair any active roof leaks.
6. Fix small issues: doors/windows that don’t operate properly, non-working appliances, etc.
7. Make sure all lights/ceiling fans operate.
8. Ensure smoke/carbon monoxide detectors work.
9. Move items that are blocking access for inspection.
10. Unlock gates, doors, attics, and crawl spaces.
11. Ensure all utilities/gas pilot lights are on.
12. Get the HVAC serviced. Clean/replace the filters.
13. Repair any minor issues that you are capable of handling.
14. Provide reports/receipts for past inspections or repair work completed.