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How I save on Electricity

Electricity plans are getting more complicated.  Of course you can go to and select a new plan and change your plan every 3-12 months.  I have found Energy Ogre to do this and save me more money than I could find on that website. Energy Ogre has saved me ...

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Wrap your pipes. No power – don’t let your pipes freeze.

It is so cold.  be sure to wrap your outside pipes.   If your heat is off, best to turn off water to your house or it might end up like this one.   They had water lines in the attic that froze and busted.  ...

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Appraisal conditions that could affect a loan

Are you selling? Make sure to have these issues addressed before an appraiser comes out. If your buying, make sure seller will address these issues. Common Condition and Health & Safety Issues Common for both FHA and Conventional Exposed Electric Wires Active Roof Leaks Broken windows Bars on windows without ...

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